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Gallagher's Canyon Golf Academy Golf Professional Instructor Bios
Lee Alarie, PGA of Canada

Director of Golf
[email protected] | 250-215-9671 ext 213

Lee Alarie's enduring love for golf spans over three decades, during which he has gained a wealth of experiences and insights while traveling to various locations through the game. Teaching and coaching lie at the heart of Lee's connection with golf, as he takes great joy in helping golfers improve their skills and nurture a deep love for the sport. 

In the world of golf, every player faces daily challenges; the elation of a great performance one day can swiftly turn into frustration the next. Yet, having a coach who understands their swing and mindset can greatly enhance their consistency. Ball control is crucial in golf, especially when dealing with swing struggles. 

Lee's dedication to improvement and passion for the game align seamlessly with the welcoming and professional atmosphere of the instructors at Gallagher's Canyon, making it an ideal place to receive top-notch instruction. 

Lee Alarie's career includes: 

Lee Alarie's dedication and expertise have made a lasting impact on the golfing community, enriching the experiences of players and fostering a culture of improvement and enjoyment in the sport. 

Paul Wammer, PGA of Canada

Director of Instruction
[email protected] | 250-480-9999

Paul Wammer's journey in the world of coaching began at the young age of 14 when he became Canada's youngest ever certified coach with the NCCP. His passion for coaching led him to pursue a degree in Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta, specializing in Coaching, which is now known as Kinesiology, and he graduated in 1991. 

Despite being a self-coached amateur player, Paul achieved remarkable success, winning a national championship in 2001 while residing in the Cayman Islands. During the same year, he also secured victory in the Caribbean Mid amateur championship and finished as a runner-up in the Caribbean Open. 

Notably, Paul's coaching and guidance have significantly contributed to the development of world-class golfers from the Cayman Islands. Aaron Jarvis, one of his notable proteges, clinched the Latin America Amateur Championship and earned a spot in the 2022 Masters and Open Championship. Additionally, numerous students from the island have received full scholarships to Division 1 colleges, a testament to Paul's impactful mentorship. 

Paul's success stems from his deep passion for understanding every facet of the game and his open-minded approach to the golf swing and individual capabilities. 

In 2007, Paul established and managed a custom golf shop, where he honed his skills in custom-fitting clubs for golfers across all levels, from beginners to touring professionals. His expertise in club fitting led to him being recognized as one of the "Top 100 Clubfitters" in the world in 2008. 

Since 2022, Paul has been an integral part of the Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Academy, where he collaborates with his peers to bring out the best in his students. He firmly believes that a strong team will always foster the development of a strong player. 

Paul Wammer's dedication to coaching and his track record of nurturing talent and achieving personal success underscore his commitment to the sport and the development of aspiring golfers. 

Josh Johnston, PGA of Canada

Assistant Professional, PGA Class "A" Professional
[email protected] | 250-317-9422

Josh Johnston has been at Gallagher’s Canyon since 2014 as the Pinnacle Course Manager. In this role, Josh has had the great privilege of experiencing different aspects of the golf industry.

Josh has played golf from an early age, spending his summers on the course and playing high-level hockey in the winter. During his later years of competitive hockey as the team captain of the Kelowna Chiefs, Josh started to develop a passion for teaching. Here, he began his transition into coaching at the Bantam level.

In 2018, Josh joined the PGA of Canada as an Associate Professional. Currently, Josh works towards his Class ‘A’ status with the PGA of Canada. His teaching background comes from playing hockey and learning from a variety of mentors over the years. Josh looks forward to bringing his coaching aspects that he has learnt over the years into his golf profession.

John Mlikotic, PGA of Canada

Apprentice Professional, Academy Instructor

John, a native of Vancouver, BC, relocated to Kelowna, BC at the age of three, where he spent his formative years. His golfing journey began at the age of 14, and since then, he has consistently achieved success at every competitive level. During his junior and amateur years, he clinched numerous victories in local and provincial events. Subsequently, upon completing high school, he was recruited to join the golf team at Simon Fraser University, an opportunity he wholeheartedly embraced, eventually assuming the role of team captain during his senior year. In 2016, John graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Following his graduation, he embarked on a career at Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club, where he worked and imparted golfing expertise as an Assistant Professional. In 2018, John made the pivotal decision to transition into full-time professional golfing, initially competing at the local level and securing multiple victories on the Vancouver Golf Tour. His remarkable performance led to his qualification for and participation in the PGA Tour Canada from 2019 to 2021.

As a proud member of the PGA of Canada, John brings a wealth of experience garnered from his professional playing career and high-level coaching endeavors to the esteemed coaching team at Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club. Throughout his journey, he has steadfastly adhered to the belief that a resolute work ethic and unwavering self-belief are the cornerstones of nurturing a champion golfer.

Brandon Smith, PGA of Canada

Apprentice Professional, Academy Instructor

Brandon's passion for golf took root at an early age, influenced by his grandfather, a devoted golfer. Over the past decade, Brandon has honed his skills and competed in the sport, marking him as a dedicated student of the game.

Brandon's connection with Gallagher’s Canyon began in 2011 when he became a junior member. His affinity for the club led him to join as a staff member in 2020, and in 2023, he embarked on the path of becoming an apprentice professional.

Hailing from Kelowna, B.C., Brandon recently graduated from UBCO with a bachelor's degree in International Relations in the spring of 2024, showcasing his commitment to personal and academic growth alongside his passion for golf.

Brandon is driven by a desire to share his wealth of knowledge and assist golfers of all levels in improving their game. Mentored by esteemed instructors in the valley, he aspires to inspire others just as he has been inspired.

Brandon's unwavering dedication to golf and his commitment to personal and professional development make him a valuable asset to the golfing community at Gallagher’s Canyon.

Irv Taylor

Academy Instructor
[email protected] | 250-878-8699

Irv Taylor's profound journey with golf commenced in 1954 at Langara Golf Course in Vancouver, igniting a lifelong passion for the sport. His early introduction to golf instilled in him a deep-seated desire to be involved in the game.

In 1960, Irv joined the CPGA as an Assistant Professional at Marine Drive GC, where he had the privilege of learning the art of teaching from renowned figures such as Stan Leonard and Alvie Thompson, among others. These experiences have shaped his unique approach to helping golfers understand and improve their swings.

Irv has cultivated his own methodology, blending simplicity with depth to cater to the individual needs of his students. He prioritizes tailoring his approach to each golfer's requirements, ensuring that he never pushes them beyond their physical capabilities.

Irv eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with golfers, focusing on enhancing their ball striking and ultimately lowering their scores. His dedication to guiding students through their golfing journey underscores his commitment to fostering improvement and enjoyment in the game.

Irv Taylor's wealth of experience, personalized teaching approach, and dedication to his students make him an invaluable resource for golfers seeking to elevate their game.

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