Gallagher's Canyon Golf Academy Adult Programs

Group Sessions

Adult Group Lessons: Our best offering for a great way to get an hour of specific-focus teaching from our PGA of Canada golf coaches. Our coaches will vary the sessions each week to make sure that we cover every aspect of the game from uneven lies to bunkers, putting and driving.

Do you have a specific aspect you would like to focus on? Not sure what you'd like to focus on? Bring your questions on Mondays for Golf with Irv. Irv will be happy to help with whatever you need help with in these special open format sessions.

Dates: DAILY from Monday - Saturday
Group Size: Maximum of 6 students per session.
Cost: $30 per person 
(Registration will open in April and classes to begin in May)


Build your own Group: Pick your group, pick the focus, design your own lesson plan.

Cost: $145 per group
Ask about food and beverage additions to make it a social event
Contact the golf academy to book a coach and time [email protected]

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