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Paul Wammer - Master Club Fitter
Meet Paul Wammer, a World's Top 100 club fitter! Are your clubs right for you? Paul is here to help you feel better and play better this season. Visit Paul at the Practice Facility every Wednesday from 10am - 2pm for drop in fittings and questions.

Club Fittings
We all want to hit longer and straighter with our woods or perfect our accuracy with our irons, but how do we do that? And how do we do that consistently? With sessions ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours, you can find out exactly what you need; loft, shaft flex, shaft weight, head design, and more.

Full Bag Fitting

Spend 3 hours with our club fitting team and do a full bag fitting which includes driver, woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and putter. With our expert coaches working for you, you'll find the perfect clubs to fit YOUR stroke! You wont regret it!

Woods Only

In an one hour session we find out exactly what you need. Loft. Shaft flex. Shaft weight. All of it needs to be right to be consistent.

Irons Only

We all want that laser like accuracy but we also need the proper launch and spin to make the ball stop where it should. Lie. Loft. Head design. Shaft flex. Shaft weight. All play an important role to get your ball to fly correctly.

Wedges Only

Whether it’s chipping, pitching, flopping, full shots or sand shots, you need to have an arsenal of wedges to be able to play all the shots. Tired of chunking or skulling shots? Come see Paul and experience what different bounce and grinds can do for your game.

Putter Only

Blade or Mallet? Face balanced or toe hang? Longer or shorter? Almost half of your strokes are made with the putter. Using the TOMI (the optimal motion indicator) we can identify what style putter is better for YOUR stroke.

Following your fitting, receive 1 dozen TP5 balls with any purchase valued at minimum of $500 from Gallagher's Canyon Golf Club.

To book an appointment for fittings, please book in advance by emailing Paul directly at [email protected].

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