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Rules & Etiquette

Local Rules (Golf Canada Rules govern all play)
  • Out-of-Bounds - defined by all property boundary fences surrounding the course; white stakes on holes #2 through #11; the road on #18.
  • #4 - a ball rolling down the paved access road may be replaced within one club length of the initial point of entry.
  • Red Stakes - mark lateral hazards, including ponds on #9, #16 and #17, and area behind #11 green.
  • Yellow Stakes - mark hazards - #3.
  • Paths (man-made) - free drop, stance and one club length no closer to hole.
  • Ball Drop Area - located on #3 and #11.
To keep golf at Gallagher's Canyon a pleasurable experience for all we ask you to please follow these rules:

  • Please replace divots, repair ball marks on greens and rake sand traps.
  • Pull carts and power carts are not permitted on tees or beyond lines marked in front of greens. All traffic in and around greens should follow cart paths or other designated routes.
  • Proper golf attire should be worn at all times.
  • Please try to keep up to the group ahead of you. Slower players must allow faster players to play through.