Frequently Asked Questions

RE: 2021 Announcement about discontinuation of Program

Q: When is/was the last day for me to earn GolfBC points?
A: The last day to earn points was January 31, 2022.

Q: When can I redeem points until?
A: At time of the announcement, Cardholders had 3 years to use up their points. The final day to redeem points is December 31, 2024.

Q: What will happen to my points after December 31, 2024?
A: As of January 1, 2025, any and all outstanding points will be forfeited.

Q: My card is deactivated or lost... What do I do?
A: Contact us with your card number, full name and current address and we would be happy to look into the status of your card. Please note, cards that are lost that were not registered, may not be retrieved.

General Questions

Q: I am logged into GolfBC, but can't check my points online.
A: The GolfBC website, at this time, is not integrated with the Rewards Program online system. You will need to set up a separate profile and log in again by following the instructions on this page. You can also email us for a points update, to [email protected].

Q: Has the redemption changed?
A:  The redemption schedule is subject to change at anytime, however it has changed only slightly since the beginning of the program in 2001. There are blackout periods: Fridays through Sundays and Holidays. »Click here to view the current redemption schedule

Q: Do the cards come with points?
A: No. The cards are FREE and do not come preloaded with points.

Q: Why do I need to fill out my personal information?
A: In order to protect your card, you need to register your card by filling out your personal information. Should you lose your card, this will allow us to find your information and transfer your points to a new card. We will not sell our list to outside sources, but do require your email address to be able to contact you with program updates as well as specials and promotions throughout the season.

Do you have a question we have not addressed? Please send it to us. In most cases, questions will be answered by email the following business day.

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